Rondale L Jordan (Swan)
7 min readFeb 23, 2021

So, I am here to introduce you to and quickly demonstrate what BLACK SWAN TV is all about.

I am also going to inform you about our TZ Diaspora foundation and the online based business consulting services provided by members of the BlackSwanTv network. is a black scholars paradise; it’s a channel (I’ve been continuously developing and promoting since 2019) it’s a platform specifically for Afrocentric Scholarship.

My target audience is young black business class men and women who enjoy history and travel. Although we’re welcoming all who are attracted to black knowledge.

International travel has been a passion of mine since I joined the Navy in 1998, I was 18. When I was honorably discharged in 2002, I made a commitment within myself to continue a lifestyle of traveling the world with a sense of purpose.

Since, I’ve had the privilege to explore many countries in the mediterranean, the middle East, Europe, South and Central America, including the Caribbean and most recently Africa.

Whenever I travel, I explore with a sense of history and purpose in mind. World history, the arts, finance and culture are also passions of mine. So, is a platform where all these passions are combined into one space, to provoke thoughtful conversation and collusion with like minded individuals.

Chance and I met in a training class at Bank One back in 2003. Chance and was the top earner on our team which was awarded for high performance and quality customer service. Since Bank once we’ve collaborated in several business ventures throughout the last 18 years. Entrepreneurship and travel has been our common interest.

Education, finance and international exploration (or traveling abroad) are the three key components of scholarship; and they are also three of the four pillars of

The fourth principal being the unity, that occurs as a result of our attraction to afrocentric (food for thought) knowledge.

i.e “Birds of the feather flocking together in a upper echelon (organized in a v-shaped military) fashion.”

The term Black Swan has many significant definitions.



Rondale L Jordan (Swan)

I am a father, traveler, content creator & entrepreneur. I enjoy studying history, culture and scripture. Here is where I share my view of this world with you.